Back is Back

There is nothing sexier than a bare back and excuse the pun but backless is Back! Even though winter has well and truly come this trend is here to stay. Lately I have been featuring backless pieces in my outfit posts.. they are feminine yet edgy and make you feel so graceful. Finding the right balance between showing skin while keeping some things covered is the key.
And if you are wandering what bra to wear with these dresses/top... I have posted a few examples below


  1. Great post and you are so right definately with the right Bra anyone can rock this!

    1. Thanks for the message Strawberry Fields... where is your favourite backless dress from?

  2. hey, great post, would you mind me asking where these bras are available from? x

  3. Sure. You can buy these bras from Bonds, Victoria's Secret, also have a selection of backless bras. Xx